NYC Endurance is a passionate community of individuals who believe evidence-based training is the key to live a long, healthy, happy lifestyle.  We believe in understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

We are more than a running team: we are a community that provides education, support and encouragement to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Our method is designed to improve your form and technique by working the skills of your sport and developing the movements necessary for that sport. Used in conjunction with your CrossFit training regimen, NYC Endurance will help you train less and go faster.

Coach Brian Harkins

Brian grew up playing competitive sports – from joining his first soccer team at the age 3,  running races at age 10 and completing his first 1/2 marathon at age 13.  His passion for running and athletics continued throughout high school and college where he spent several years playing collegiate soccer for a Top 10 Divsion II school.  And while he loved competing and seeing how far he could push himself – the wrong type of training also led to some pretty serious injuries.  He ran eight marathons, some of those plagued with injuries, these injuries caused him to search for a new way to train.  Brian discovered that running is a skill, like any other sport you need to work on those skills or else fall to the same injuries recurring over and over.  He also found that Training Less and Going Faster allowed him to regain his speed, he also learned that strength training at high intensity gave him the power and strength to go longer distances.  This type of training allowed him to train less than 10 hours a week and still be competitive.  Brian is passionate about helping people not making the same mistakes he did. He has trained many athletes to compete in 5k’s to ultra marathons ranging from college athletes to soccer moms.  Brian has created the training program for the Civilian Military Combine race. 

Brian holds the following certifications:

  • Certified Road Runner Club of America Coach (RRCA)

  • Crossfit Level 1 Coach- ANSI certification

  • Crossfit Mobility and Recovery Certification

  • Paul Chek Holistic Life Style Coach

  • Optimum Performance Training Assessment Certification (pending)

  • American Heart Association CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Brian is also a Crossfit Endurance Assistant Coach and regularly participates in coaching Crossfit Endurance Seminars in the Tri-State area as part of the coaching staff.

Coach Gregory W. Nieratka

Greg is a lifelong athlete. Growing up, he played ice hockey, lacrosse, and ran cross country. Since then he has competed in dozens of road and off road /cross country races with distances including 1M, 5ks, & 10ks all the way up to Half Marathons completing the entire NYRR 5 Borough Series in 2013. When it comes to multi-sport races he has competed in aquathalons, biathlons, and triathlons.

Once he was introduced to CrossFit he was immediately hooked. In addition to training almost every day he became a student of the sport, attending numerous speciality certification courses. He has been actively practicing the principles of CrossFit Endurance in preparation for his various races and has noticed a marked improvement in times as well as a significant decrease in recovery time post race.

In addition to fitness Greg is a music junkie, he holds doors for women, says please and thank you, and is a snappy dresser; moms love him.

Greg Holds the following Certifications:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Endurance Trainer

  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

  • CrossFit KettleBell Trainer

  • CrossFit Mobility Trainer

  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

Coach Matthew LeBaron

Matthew was introduced to fitness through sports, starting with soccer at age 13, football at age 24, and competitive running at 25. After years of recreation and competitive play, Matthew found himself in the Captaining role; nurturing and training players to compete and grow. After discovering CrossFit, Matthew quickly realized his passion for training/ coaching, and found his niche in the bodyweight movements/ endurance aspect of the growing fitness regime/ sport.

His increased passion for progress, and coaching athletes towards a purpose-be it increased speed, weight loss, strengthening or overall endurance, continues to grow exponentially.

His classes provide an educating, exciting and encouraging environment, offering techniques you can take away and employ on your own, as well as in class.

Matthew Holds the following Certifications:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Coach

  • Crossfit Gymnastics Certification

Upcoming Certifications:

  • CrossFit Endurance Certification, Fall 2014


NYC Endurance coaches are the X factor that every runner is waiting to discover. The time spent inside the lab, learning and getting all the required certificates to be professional coaches, has allowed them to come up with the secret sauce to make running an injury free sport. Strength training, the right way, will be the difference between a good race and a great race. I don’t say this lightly. After training for 6 marathons in a row, and missing 5 due to countless injuries, I was on the cusp of bidding farewell in 2014 to the possibility of running another marathon. I met Bryan and Greg 14 weeks leading into NYC marathon 2014, the usual injury window. After completing their program, I’m delighted to share that I finished the race with healthy legs, with an eyebrow raising PR (3:25 from 3:38) and convinced that I never hit a wall courtesy of NYC Endurance training program. Not to mention that my legs granted me with the luxury to sprint to the finish line. Thank you for enabling me to regain my marathon status.
— Eduardo Capeluto
Brian’s friendly but unrelenting style makes you want to try harder and do better for him - in exchange, you get a great workout and a faster progression to your goals than would seem possible. He is onto something amazing with his approach and it deserves a try by anyone looking to get in shape and learn how to stay in shape, fast.
— Shane
CMC HQ has preached from the very inception of the CMC that Crossfit Endurance is the best way to train for any type of event. What sets apart Brian Harkins and his staff of NYC Endurance is the fact of how they teach and coach these fundamentals to clients and their followers. The combination of both strength and endurance to better yourself in an endurance sport or event has been over looked for years. In our present time, the science is available to us all in regard to the incredible results one receives when combining both strength and endurance and the expertise of Brian and his staff will bring this directly to you. If we could recommend one thing as a company, we would suggest training alongside NYC Endurance and seeing results you could didn’t think were possible.
— Sean Rogers, Civilian Military Combine
I can’t imagine having done the Marine Corp Marathon without the marathon training program from NYC Endurance. Each week I received an individualized program that was specific to my goals. The personal feedback I received was what I needed to push pass my own fears and doubts. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to do either their first marathon or their 10th! Its that good!
— Rita S.
I’ve been running with NYC Endurance on Tuesdays for about two years. When I started, I was a beginning runner with no idea how to run other than just go from point a to point b. Since I started working with Brian and his coaches, my form and speed have improved significantly. When it came time to train for my first marathon, NYC Endurance was, of course, the natural choice. The training plan and the personal attention - especially during the hardest part of training - were stellar. So much so that I’m training with them again for the Marine Corps Marathon this year.
— Caroline W.
NYC Endurance taught me how to run taught me proper form, increased my endurance, and handed me the motivation to run my first marathon. Brian is an amazing coach!
— Eileen P.
I had run small races before, and sprinted throughout my soccer career, but never thought I could do a half marathon. When I employed the Marathon Training program from NYC Endurance, I exceed my predicted 8:00 minute mile, and ran a 7:40 pace, with ease. The strength and conditioning aspect, mixed with the interval and mid distance running was the perfect combination to prepare my body and my mind for the task ahead. Full Marathon is next and I couldn’t be more excited.
— Matthew L.